“In every age there is a new development of truth,
A message of God to the people of that generation…”
Christ’s Object Lessons p. 127


What “new development of truth” has been given to this generation? What special “message of God” is for this generation?

Thousands all over the world, of the remnant who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus which is the “Spirit of prophecy” (Rev. 12:17 & 19:10) are rejoicing and praising God for the new development of Present Truths in the “unfolding” of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.” What are these “new” prophetic insights that are “unfolding” at this time? There are at least a dozen sections of prophecy that have unfolded to this generation. They are as follows:

1. Dan. 11. History has finally caught up with prophecy! (Dan. 11 is the 4th and last vision in the book of Daniel). When the “Historicist ‘school’ of prophetic exposition” is used, the verses in this prophetic outline in Dan. 11 are permitted to remain in the perfect sequence in which they were given, and matched to historical events in their sequence as they happened. Then that outline becomes the story of the rise and fall of seven empires that persecuted God’s people and attempted to rule the world. The empires are listed below and are the key to identification of the seven heads on the beast of Revelation (Rev. 13:2)! They are as follows:
Dan. 1-7 (BABYLON was empire No. 1. )
Dan. 11:1,2 Empire No. 2 Medo-Persia (538-331 B.C.)
Dan. 11:2-4 Empire No. 3 Grecia (331-168 B.C.)
Dan. 11:5-13 Egypt & Syria struggled to become Empire No. 4 but failed.
Dan. 11:14-22 Imperial Rome becomes Empire No. 4. (168 B.C.--A.D. 476)
Dan. 11:23-29 The bishops of Rome struggles to become Empire No. 5.
Dan. 11:39-35 Papal Supremacy No. 1 over Europe is set up as Empire No. 5. (A.D. 538-1798)
Dan. 11:36 39 Atheistic Communism USSR –Empire No. 6 (1798 [1917-1989])
Dan. 11:40 The Papacy struggles against Communism (1990)
Dan. 11:41 Papal Supremacy No. 2 or New World Order with Papal head—Empire No. 7 fUTURE
Dan. 12:1 Final Crisis and deliverance (Future)
Dan. 12:2 The Resurrection. (Future)

This vision-outline of Dan. 11 traces the rise and fall of seven empires in the old world of Europe and Asia. It extends from 538 B.C. to the resurrection at the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. (James White and Uriah Smith argued over the meaning of much of this chapter, but they were “Prisoners of history. Not until the rise and fall of the USSSR and current open declarations of a New World Order could that vision be understood. This is the first “new development of truth” for this generation.

2 The second “new development of truth” is seen in Daniel 12. The three timelines in Dan. 12 give added details to the “time of trouble” of Dan. 12:1. Those of this generation who are determined to separate Scripture from tradition and the Word of God from the theories of men, permitting the Bible to be its own Interpreter, are amazed and rejoice in the simple truths that are revealed in the three timelines of Dan. 12 which say that:

Dan. 12:7 There will be 1260 literal days of persecution of God’s people. (3 ½ literal years) Future.
Dan 12:11 The reign of the persecutor will last 1290 literal days.
Dan. 12:12 God’s people will “WAIT” 1335 literal days for deliverance from the Rev. 13:11
fulfillment to the Universal Death Decree of Rev. 13:15.

This “new development of truth” was not needed by past generations! It is this generation who will meet the “final crisis”that needs the assurance that the crisis will not extend as it did in the Dark Ages for over a thousand years! This is a message that brings hope and comfort to those who face a grim future that it will be a relatively short time. It is given to them that they may understand where they are in the stream of time, day by day, knowing that their redemption draweth nigh!

3 Not until the timeline of Dan. 12:11 is understood, can the strange problems in current events be ulnderstood. Men cannot understand why the borders of the USA cannot be guarded and controlled by the federal government, nor why the nations are laying aside their sovereignty until they comprehend the meaning of every word in Dan. 12:11. Intelligent men cannot discern the meaning of these strange incidents because they do not know the prophetic picture of our world today.
This “new development of truth” does not destroy any truths of the past.

“The old truths are all essential; new truth is not independent of the old, but an unfolding of it.
It is only as the old truth are understood
that we can comprehend the new….
It is the light which shines in the fresh unfolding of truth
That glorifies the old.
He who neglects the new, does not really possess the old.
For him it loses its vital power, and becomes but a lifeless form.”
Christ’s Object Lessons p. 128.

4. The “new development of truth” in the book of Daniel has also opened up the book of Revelation.
new information regarding the structure of the book of Revelation has enabled the expositors to let the tructure reveal the correct placement of each component in the book. This new insight to the book places most of it in an endtime setting, explaining the meaning of current events and those that will occur in the near future. When the book of Revelation is interpreted by its own structure, every verse falls into its correct timing and brings unification to the whole prophetic picture. The structure of Revelation is simple. It contains 8 visions. The first 4 visions make up one continuous timeline and the last 4 also make up a major line of timed events, most of which are yet in the future, The structure places these future events in their order. The book is outlined as follows: There are seven church periods that extend from the earthly ministry of Christ and His disciples to the church that was to give the judgment hour message to the world. These seven historical periods of the Christian church are known as:


Rev. 1-3 Seven periods of church history: Ephesus to Laodicea (A.D. 100 – 1844.)
Christ’s ministry was in the heavenly “Holy Place” by the 7 candlesticks. (Rev. 1:12.)
Rev. 4-5 “Open door” transition from Holy Place to “Most Holy Place” for Christ’s ministry.
The 2300 day-year timeline ended in A.D. 1844. Investigative Judgment of the dead began.
Rev. 4,5 is the 1844 setting to begin the seals.


Rev. 6 Seven Seals. (1844 to the Second Advent)
Seal No.1 (1844—today)..White horse Adventism’s World Mission program
Seal No 2 (Future) (Fulfillment of Rev. 13:11) Red horse persecution
Seal No. 3 (Future) Black horse apostasy
Seal No. 4 (Future) Devastations: The “Wide-=blade Guilloine” (Rev. 20:4.) War,
Famine, Wild beasts
Seal No. 5 (Future Martyrs.) Loud Cry. Call for blood judgments of Plagues 1-3.
Seal No. 6 Who shall be able to stand when Jesus comes?
Rev. 7 The 144,000 will be able to stand with the “Seal of God”
Rev. 8:1 Seal No. 7 The Second Coming of Jesus.


Rev. 8-11 Seven Trumpets are interpreted by the seven last plagues.
Rev. 8,9 Trumpets 1-6 align with Plagues 1-5.
Rev. 10 The 144,000 give the “Loud Cry” “Time shall be no longer.”
Rev. 11 Trumpet 7 Future events leading up to the Second Coming and 7th plague.


Rev. 12—22 Symbolic Language Interpreted by Scripture.
Rev. 12 The red (scarlet) dragon with 7 heads. A “head” represents an empire. (Dan. 2:38)
(Satan’s seven attempts to build an empire and seven failures.
Head No. 1 Rebellion in heaven. He and his angels cast out.
Head No. 2 Eden. Noah’s Flood.
Head No. 3 Babel Languages confused
Head No. 4 Jesus crucified The Resurrection
Head No. 5 Papal Supremacy 1798 Pope taken prisoner
Head No. 6 Armageddon The Voice of God deliverance
Head No. 7 Gog & Magog battle The Lake of Fire.

Rev. 13 The leopard-like beast with seven “heads” interpreted by Scripture .
(A symbolic “head” represents an empire.” Dan. 2:38. See Dan. 7.)
Head No. 1 Babylon
Head No. 2 Medo-Persia’
Head No. 3 Grecia
Head No. 4 Imperial Rome
Head No. 5 Papal Rome
Head No. 6 USSR
Head No. 7 One World Government NWO.

Rev. 14 & 18:1-4


1. Rev. 14:6,7 Worship the Creator God on his Memorial 7th day Sabbath
2. Rev. 14:8 The Hour of His Judgment for the dead is come (1844)
3. Rev. 14:9-11 Do not worship the “beast” wearing its 7th head.
4. Rev. 18:4 “Come out of filthy Babylonian confusion” Loud Cry
5. Rev. 14:15 The time (hour) is come (repeating) for judgment of the living.
6. Rev. 14; 16 The final harvest from Babylon
7. Rev. 14: 17-19 Third angel’s warning message repeated
The grape harvest of the wicked as they surround the New Jerusalem.

Rev. 15 8. The Close of Probationary Time

The Seven Last Plagues interpreted by the Seven Trumpets

Rev. 16: Plagues 1-5 Devastations to planet earth and the wicked.
Rev. 16 Plague 6 Gathering the kings of the whole world to legislate a Death Decree.
Rev. 16 Plague 7 The Voice of God deliverance from the Death Decree.
The destruction of the cities and planet earth. Second Advent.


God has locked up chapter 17 of the book of Revelation to be opened only by the last generation.
Chapter 17 is like a puzzle, with a number of locks to be opened with Biblical keys that are found in different books of the Bible, such as Numbers, Ezekiel, Daniel, and other chapters of Revelation. For 2000 years this chapter has defied all attempts to open it up. Many theologians, evangelists, preachers and religious persons have tried to unlock it, but it was impregnable! It was like a timed lock vault full of information to be opened when needed.

Not until Dan. 11 was opened to reveal the identity of the seven empires, was it possible to identify the seven heads of the “beast” of Revelation 13 and 17. Not until the seven heads of the great red dragon could be identified, could the seven heads of the “scarlet beast” of Revelation be recognized in Rev. 17. Not until the three timelines of Daniel were opened up, could the “one hour” timeline be understood in Rev. 17:12. A brief outline of Chapter 17 follows:

Rev. 17:1 The angel who pours out the vial of the 7th plague that causes the “’fall of Babylon”
(Rev. 16:19) explains to John the “judgment of the whore—Babylon) i.e. what she does
to bring about her downfall. As she would treat God’s people, So will she be treated.
Rev. 17:2 Babylon (false & counterfeit religion) has fornicated with the kings of the earth in church-
state relationships.
Rev. 17:3 The whore, Babylon, is carried along and supported by Satan—the scarlet red beast (dragon)
Rev. 17:4 The whore (Bablon) is decked out with riches but is internally filthy.
Rev. 17:5 Her name is Mystery, Babylon, , Mother of Harlots, Abominations
Rev. 17:6 She is drunk on the blood of martyrs.
Rev. 17:7 The angel will explain what she will do and what the red dragon will do in the future.
Rev. 17:8 Satan was visible in heaven, is not visible now, but will ascend (rise up and be visible)
He will personate Jesus Christ in visible glory, but he will be destroyed. The wicked will
behold (see him visibly) This will be Satan’s crowning act.
Yes, he is the one who was visible, is not visible now, and yet is very much at work now.
Rev. 17:9 You will need wisdom to unlock the rest of this puzzle. (John is going to talk about a
different “beast” next—the leopard-like beast of Rev. 13.
A. The seven heads (of the leopard like beast of Rev. 13) are seven empires.
Babylon, M. Persia, Grecia, Rome, Papacy, USSR, NWO.
Seven mountains are also symbols for these seven empires.
Rev. 17:10 Seven kings are also representing seven empires or kingdoms.
Five have fallen. Babylon, M. Persia, Grecia, Rome, Papacy.
One is: The USSR empire fell but atheism and Communism is still flourishing
in many countries.
The other, The New World Order, or government is not yet come.
But the NWO will contue only a short space---1290 literal days (Dan. 12:11)
Rev. 17:11 Satan, the dragon “beast” that was, and is not, he will be the eighth (head).
“And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast:” Rev. 13:4
When Satan has united the whole world in a One World Order, personating
Christ he personally will reign as the “eighth head” over all world affairs. He has
instigated the spirit of persecution in all seven empires, and will determine to
destroy all worshippers of the Creator God. But he will be destroyed.
How will he accomplish his goal to eliminate all opposition to his reign?
Rev. 17:12 explains how he will do this.
Rev. 17:12 Ten symbolic horns represent ten or all the kings of the earth. (They will all be
gathered together to the battle of Armageddon (Rev. 16:14) They are gathered
to legislate a universal Death Decree (Rev. 13:15). They have no power to legislate
yet. But they will be given this power when they sit with the “beast” (A council
in the NWO with Papal head and the scarlet beast himself—Lucifer.) That council
will convene for “one symbolic hour” or a literal 15 day period. Dan. 12:5-12.
This 15 day period is known as “the time of Jacob’s trouble.”
Rev. 17:13 These kings all have one mind..are agreed that those who will not conform to
the laws of their New World Order and the laws of the church, that it will be better to
rid the earth of them, than to promote disorderly conduct! So they give their power
to enforce the Universal Death Decree of Rev. 13:15 with all their police and authority
to all citizens to carry out the decree on a specified date! They all give their power to
enforce the decree to the “7th and 8th heads of the “beast.”—that last persecuting engine
to destroy God’s people from the face of the earth.

“…Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren,
Ye have done it unto me.” Matt. 25:40.

Rev. 16: 17 [God and the Lamb go to battle for their people.]
“And the 7th angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came
A GREAT VOICE out of the temple of heaven, from the throne,
Saying, It is done.”

Note: The Voice of God is the “coup d’ etat” or decisive “blow” in the battle of Armageddon. It is the “turning point” in the great controversy between good and evil. Suddenly, God’s people, who have been the persecuted ones, reflect the glory of Jesus so that their faces shine so brightly that the wicked cannot look at them, but fall and worship at their feet. From that time onward the wicked know they are eternally lost, trying to hide in rocks and mountains, (Rev. 6:15-17)
while God’s people walk freely rejoicing just waiting for Jesus to appear in the heavens. The voice of God announces the day and hour of His coming.

Rev. 17:14 The wicked make war with the Lamb (by seeking to destroy His people) but the Lamb
Jesus shall overcome them. He is Lord of lords and King of kings. His people are
Called the “chosen and faithful.”
Rev. 17:15 Babylon sits on the “waters” (Rev. 17:1) Symbolic “waters” represent peoples,
multitudes, nations, and tongues. Babylon, representing all false religions on earth
has been sitting on her throne to rule over the peoples of the earth for six millenniums,
but at the voice of God, she begins to fall.
Rev. 17:16 The kings of all the earth are made aware by the voice of God and the glorification of
His people, that Babylon or false religion has caused their destruction and hate the
whore, accusing the religious leaders and destroying them so that there will be blood
shed from one end of the earth to the other. This is called “The Fall of Babylon” and
described in detail in chapter 18.
Rev. 17:17 God has put in the hearts of the kings of the whole world the willingness to agree with
the beast to legislate the Universal Death Decree and enforce it, until this prophecy is
completely fulfilled.
Rev. 17:18 Babylon is called “that great city” as she reigns over all the kings of the earth.


What is the new development of truth for this generation in Rev. 18? In this chapter there are three timelines that have always been a puzzle to the prophetic expositors. The are as follows:

Rev. 18:10 “Alas, alas, that great city! Babylon,…for in one hour is thy judgment come.”
Rev. 18:17 “For in one hour so great riches is come to nought.”
Rev. 18:19 “Alas,,,that great city,…for in one hour is she made desolate.”

Over the centuries many questions seemed to have no answer.
Was the fall of Babylon in one literal hour when Jesus comes?
Does it precede the Second Coming?
Does it follow the Second Coming?
In what way does Babylon fall? What do ships at sea have to do with it?
What is the “burning” that will occur?
Is “one hour” a specific amount of time or just an expression for sudden action?
Is “one hour” symbolic in its symbolic context? If so how is it to be converted to literal time?
Where does this “one hour” fit in the final events?

The “one hour” timeline in Rev. 18 was securely locked up until the last generation should find the keys to unlock it. It could not be unlocked until the three timelines of Dan. 12 were made plain with all three timelines fastened together in a paragon or model of perfection by the voice of God. Then the “one hour” or 15 literal days of Rev. 17, and the “one hour” or 15 literal days of Rev. 18 take their places in relation to the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. It explained why the 1290 days reign of the persecutor is 30 days longer than the 1260 period of persecution.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that the three timelines of Dan. 12 are the “ring of keys” that unlocks Rev. 10, 17 and 18 in an endtime application that is needed by the 144,000 to give them the
knowledge to pass through the final test to avoid the mark of the beast, to receive the Seal of God in their foreheads, and to receive the “Latter Rain” of the Holy Spirit to give the “Loud Cry. ” This information will give them assurance during the final crisis. The Dan. 12 timelines do not stand alone but are a part of an intricate interfusion or web of “Present Truth.” It is new light that prepares each generation to fulfill their place of duty in the peculiar events that are about to occur.


The Song of Songs is an important part of the prophetic triad: ( Daniel, Revelation, Song of Songs.)
It is a “new development of truth” or an “unfolding” of additional information to prepare God’s people for the final crisis and Seal of God. It is a complete review of church history from the crucifixion to the Sealing of God’s peole, and ends with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. When the figurative language and symbolism in the Song is interpreted by thorough cross-reference of Bible texts according to the rule of Isa. 28:9,10, “…here a little, and there a little” “rightly dividing the word of truth” II Tim. 2:15. Then, by using this correct Biblical method of study the sexual façade gives way to an historical application. The historical outline follows:

Song of Songs Historical Outline

Ch. 1:1 A.D. 31 The Atonement-crucifixion
1:2 Justificaion in the name of Jesus
1:3,4 Sanctifiction in the daily walk with Jesus
1:5,6 A.D. 34 Transition of the vineyard from Jews to Gentiles
321 Apostasy: merging truth with pagan sun worship
1:7 538 The true church flees into the wilderness
1:8-2:6 The Churching Refrain: It was not yet time for the Second Comimg
2:8-2:17 1300-1600 The European Reformation
3:1 1700 The Church in stupor
3:2,3 1800 The 1800 Awakening in Europe and America
3:4 1833-1844 The Great Advent Movement
3:5 The Warning Refrain: It was not yet time for the Second Coming.
3:6 The true church emerges from the wilderness
3:7-10 The Advent Movement described as 60 valiant men
3:11 1844 The Beginning of the Investigative Judgment
The antitypical “Day of Atonement”
The Day of “Espousal” the “Marriage”
4:1-15 The waiting people for the Second Advent are described
4:16 The Invitation to take the gospel to all the world
5:1 Jesus recalls His bitter experience in Gethsemene
Jesus invites His church to drink the same cup
5:2-7 1844 Oct. 22 The Great Disappointment
5:8 Oct. 23 The Refrain. “Why did Jesus not come? Where is He?”
5:9-16 He has come into the Most Holy Place
A Description of His Offices, Work and Attributes
The Counterfeit offices and blasphemy of Antechrist.
6:1-13 The true remnant church described
6:9 She is the “only one” the “choice one..”
6:12 She bears the Ten Commandments to the world
6:13 She is far advanced in knowledge beyond that of the world
7:1 She is on a mission taking the gospel and truth to all the world
7:3-9 She is adorned with the Word of God
7:11-13 She walks with Jesus in evangelism and rests in His love
8:1 The Laodicean lament and desire for restoration
(150 years preaching the soon return of Jesus)
8:4 The Refrain: All during this time, it was not time for His return.
8:5 Reminder: Lean on Jesus.
8:6 The time is come for God’s people to receive the Seal of God.
8:6 Near Future: Jesus will deliver His people from their enemies
8:7 Deliverance will come in a time of great distress

God’s love will deliver His people.

The Epilogue
8:8 The Holy Three have a “little sister”—us.
8:8 She has “no breasts” Not ready for marriage—judgment of the living
8:9 The Holy Three promise “Whatever she lacks, They will supply.

They will finish the work in the human soul
8:10 Suddenly, the 144,000 will be sealed—perfected
8:11,12 The 144,000 will give the “Loud Cry”
8:13 Jesus is listening and wants to hear the “Loud Cry”
8:14 The Second Advent of Jesus Christ.


Those who stand ready to meet Jesus as He comes in the clouds of heaven, will be the 144,000 who have received the Seal of God in their foreheads—the Laws of God imprinted in their minds! They will know, as did Abraham, the difference between the Ten Commandments, the Statutes, the Ceremonial Laws and the purpose and importance of each. They will return to “primitive Godliness” and be without spot or wrinkle, reflecting the glory or character of Jesus Christ. They know that all laws hang upon the law of love and they will be the “holy, harmless, and undefiled” perfected ones. E.W. 55. They are in perfect harmony with the laws of nature and recognize that the statutes began as “Mo’ed” appointed times for worship of the Creator on the 4th day of creation, before man was created. (Gen. 1:14-16)

They will see plainly the fulfillments of prophecy of endtime events as scheduled on these “Mo’edeim” appointed times. They will be keeping all seven of these “feasts of the Lord” (Lev. 23:1,2) , not just the first one. They will know that the ceremonial laws of sacrifices were given to man as a teacher to point to the death of Jesus Christ. But they will clearly see that the statutes were established before man was created and will extend into eternity. They will all come in the new earth from one new moon to the next and from one Sabbath to the next to worship and eat of the tree of life. Isa. 66. Their lives will be all “wrapped up in the Lord.” Amen.


The method of Bible research is not new. “The Historicist ‘school’ of prophetic expositon” was used by God’s people all through time when the Inspired Word was given to His people. Laying aside all tradition and “traditional views,” all the theories of uninspired men, all the writings of the ancient men, all long held assumptions and imaginative ideas, all pagan practices; only the plain words of Scripture were allowed to “interpret” difficult passages and especially the prophecies. Thorough cross reference of the Bible texts combined with historical facts was the process that made up those “new developments of truth” in every generation. Those who faithfully used this method became a unique “remnant” for their day. It produced a reformation, revival and fervor in true believers.

The “new development of truth” –the “unfolding of new truth” that has formed the “web of truth” for the last generation has been derived by a strict adherence to the hermeneutic principles of “The Historicist ‘school’ of prophetic exposition” permitting the Bible to be its own expositor. Only after all the Biblical references were exhausted , did the authors examine the writings of the modern prophet’s inspired works known as the “Spirit of prophecy” for further explanations and details. God has taken these efforts and results to all parts of the earth where they have been recognized for their true character and purpose. With great joy and praise to God they have been published and promoted by books, internet, web sites, and seminars. This web of truth causes the “day star” to rise in the heart.

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