Straw Men.
Those who are too lazy or are not capable of doing an extensive study of the Bible to produce original contributions, erect “straw men,” easily knocked down. They use whatever talent they have to tear down the works of others. Lacking light and truth which comes from God, they fall into darkness and confusion, opposing imaginary obstacles, often contradicting the Bible, the Spirit of prophecy, and themselves!

Learning under their master teacher—the father of lies, their minds follow serpentine pathways, twisting and turning in a maze of deceitful accusations.

Jesus addressed the theologians of his day.. They hated the light of His Word. As they rejected the prophetic “Present Truth” for their own day, they plotted the death of their Messiah and His followers.

The apostle Paul was pursued, wherever he traveled by delegations sent forth from the General Conference of the Jewish Sanhedrin. The doctors of the law or Biblical Research Institute of that day published their critiques of his work that were accepted by the Independent Ministries here and there. Two of those “eager beavers” were called by name: Hymenaeus and Philetus who “erred, saying that the resurrection is past already; and overthrow the faith of some.” II Tim 2:18 and 19. Paul complained that “their word will eat as a canker.”

Hymenaeus and Philetus were “preterists.” They claimed that those prophecies which pointed to future events (the resurrection to occur at the Second Coming of Jesus) had already been fulfilled in the past. (It was true that when Jesus rose from the grave there had been a resurrection when He “led a host of captives free.”) But their emphasis was contrary to Paul’s teachings that a general resurrection would occur at the Second Coming of Jesus. While it is true that there was a Papal Supremacy in the past from A.D. 538 to 1798, the modern preterists deny that there will be yet another Papal reign in the future according to the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

Satan’s Toolbox
Taking prophecy out of context is one of those devices found in Satan’s toolbox! Ignoring context:--language context, (symbolic or literal context) word context, context of circumstances or historical facts is Satan’s tool to insert error. That will twist and warp truth and prevent “Present Truth” from being presented to the people.

The History of Preterism
Preterism has been effective in every age. Hymenaeus and Philetus caused inestimable damage to Paul’s ministry. During the European Reformation, Louis d’ Alcazar used Preterism to weaken the work of the reformers and their applications of Daniel 7 to the Papal Supremacy that existed from A.D. 538-1798.
Preterism and Futurism

In the days of Jesus, the enemies of “Present Truth” declared that it was not time for the Messiah to come in their day. The Jews are still buying into that idea and look for His coming in the future. This is “Futurism.” Futurism puts “Present truth” or the fulfillment of prophecy far into the future, while Preterism, puts it all in the past.

Futurism and Preterism both were attacks on Daniel 7:25. Both of these pernicious methods were attempts to protect Papal Rome. They were widely accepted by Protestantism and brought valid prophetic exposition in most of churches to a halt. They provided a foundation on which to build the rapture theory.

Preterism and Daniel 12.
Today, modern Hymenaeus and Philetus also ignore the literal language context of Daniel 12; and claim that the three timelines therein are past and fulfilled in the Papal supremacy that reigned from A.D. 538-198. This claim is made in bold denial of the fact that the Hebrew word, “end” used six times in Daniel 12, means “utmost end” or “termination point” of time. They ignore the very structure of the whole book with its forward movement of time that ends its prophetic outlines in the last chapter of Daniel with the resurrection! They claim the last chapter to refers back to the medieval era! They ignore the words of God to Daniel in Dan. 12:4 which separates the prophetic outlines from the following epilogue and ignore the main question of Dan. 12:6 that asks, “How long shall it be the end (utmost end or termination point in time) of all these wonders?” They also ignore the answer given by Jesus in Dan. 12:7 which declares that it shall be for a period of three and a half years and “all these things shall be finished.” To protect modern Papal Rome, they are denying the very words of “Present Truth” for the last generation.

Darkness and Confusion .
The “doctors of the law” in the days of Jesus, of Paul, and the European reformers have never recognized where they were in the stream of time. They have rejected “Present Truth” in every age. God has found it necessary to place “Present Truth” in the care of the “weakest of the weak,” of women and children—to the “babes” who had no faith in their own wisdom but looked only to God’s Word and His inspired prophets for “Present Truth” As the great theologians tried to close all church pulpits and front doors by whatever means was at hand, God has opened the “back door” for his people and His Truth has gone to all the world at His command

The Accuser of the Brethren.
Satan is “The Accuser.” His servants engage in his work. The work of the true Christian is to present “Present Truth” from the inspired words of the Scripture. The true follower of Jesus wastes no time nor effort to engage in Satan’s work of accusations against the brethren or in self defense and refutation of the many darts hurled at him. He knows that the good reader will soon recognize the nature of the accusatory papers that are circulated and know the source of such work. The righteous will classify it where it belongs.

Present Truth’s Final Victory.
Annas and Caiphas are infamous today but Jesus lives on in eternity and glory.. Hymenaeus and Philetus have faded from sight but the books of Paul have survived the centuries. Modern Bible prognosticators have given dual applications to the historical-prophetic outlines of Daniel and Revelation, while Ellen G. White has given to this generation the solid treasures of Truth. /While the modern Hymeneaus and Philetis are busy smiting their brethren, God is preparing a banquet for those who eat and drink of the blood of the Son of God, through a study of His word. For all the barking dogs, the banquet is being prepared for the meek and humble. But the the wiced need to remember that the crow pie is also in the oven!!