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Dirty Theology

Dirty Theology
Dirty Theology
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 In one far-away Seminar of ten two hour sessions,

an attorney asked many pertinent and penetrating questions.

At the end of the last session, he stood up and said,

“All my questions have been answered, everything has been made clear,

and all the confusion has been swept away.”

It is my hope, that this book will do the same for many,

far and near, who need answers to the present perplexing situation over prophetic studies.—Marian Berry

 This fascinating book exposes the tools which Satan uses to deceive believers,

it exposes the various techniques developed by the Jesuits to take the prophetic finger away from Rome; techniques used in bible study by many Adventists today.

This book explains what is the “New Light” alluded to in the inspired writings of Ellen G. White and how these are in complete harmony with Historic Adventism.

The reader will also gain a more fuller understanding of Revelation 10:6 where it is stated that “time shall be no longer” and the associated commentary provided in the Spirit of Prophecy containing such words as "Time Proclamation" and "Definite Time".

 It is necessary to expose the very technique by which error is made to appear as truth.

It is essential to examine the tools by which Satan and his agents wrest scripture texts out of context disregard the biblical hermenutic principles,

misquote and misapply both scripture and the writings of Ellen G. White.

It becomes self-evident that in some cases,

symbolism is misunderstood and literal language is treated as if it were figurative or spiritualised away.

It is imperative that the ultimate hatred of “Present Truth” for the last generation, be laid bare.

 It is now time to reveal those errors which deceive many.

Fasten your seat belt and be prepared for the bumpy ride you are about to take in an investigation of the methods used by many very “religious” blind leaders and preachers who are leading their followers straight into the ditch!

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